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Xia Chen

Li Xun was really nothing special, but She claimed to be the newest soul in the world. The emperor was a fool, selfish, but very good cover up, very hypocritical to preach that everything should be beneficial to others. So the new woman Li Xun relegated became a hot woman and was highly sought after by the emperor. With Li Xun relegated, benevolence and righteousness are not difficult. Soon, eccentricity allowed illness, poverty, and laziness to escape the punishment they deserved. And people all think that very strange benevolence and righteousness is not bad. In the same time normal people wished they could be newer. In addition, the emperor was always be rude to other neighbouring countries, either saying that others were bad or stupid. At the same time, there was also a woman called Chen Chen. She had grown cynical and discarded the vexation of wordly affairs. Additionally, she was glad to be older. When saw her, Li Xun always with a snake skin bag on her back. It was strange as if she was a snake.